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Field Day 2013

Field Day 2013 Was a success! Fun had by All. Hope to see you out there next year!

Field Day 2013 falls on June 22nd to June 23rd.

Field Day 2013 will be held at Visitation of Or Lady Catholic School

3520 Ames Blvd

Marrero, La 70072

Westside Amateur Radio Club will have the following stations on the air:

HF Voice: 10 thru 160 meters HF Digital: 10 thru 160 meters

VHF Voice UHF voice VHF Packet UHF Packet

The VHF Voice stations will also double as the GOTA station. The Field Day comittee will be monitoring the 146.94 (pl 114.8) repeater and the 444.825 (pl 114.8) repeater. If the 220 repeater is on the air (224.000), we will also be monitoring it.

We plan to have a plethora of test equipment availble so if you want, bring your radio(s) out and let's get them on the air!

We will be providing drinks as well as hot dogs, hamburgers, etc. Our picnic this year got cancelled due to weather and has been rescheduled for field day. All members: Please bring a covered dish.

The WARC field day comittee consists of: Mike, KB5OZE, Herb, N5AUC & Gary, KM5ME.

Feel free to email any/all of them with suggestions/requests.

For more information on Field Day 2013, go to the ARRL website.